Increasing the intelligence of a home. And its value.

Everything under control, even when there is no one at home: rolling shutters can still be raised and lowered, and closed circuit TV cameras continue to be supervised. Create scenarios for well-being, with lighting and climate settings regulated to suit the situation. Monitor and optimize energy usages throughout the home. Make every room safe and secure, using technologies designed to protect both people and property. All these elements combine to increase the intelligence of a home, and all are obtainable with a single home automation system: By-me.

A Deluxe Home Living Style Within Your Finger Tip Control
One Touch, Multiple Scenes, Numerous Possibilities
Quality Never Compromised
Providing Unique Service that Suits Your Needs
Welcome to a By-me home.
Living here is more comfortable, safer, easier. In a word, nicer. You realise that as soon as you walk in, just looking at the home automation control unit: it allows light, power, temperature and humidity, safety and energy saving to talk to each other. And it talks to you in simple terms.

Your journey is just beginning: welcome to the By-me system, the home of automation.

Automation is a simple gesture
With the By-me home automation system, you just have to push a button and the house is at your complete disposal. But you can also use a touch screen to manage the whole system from just one place. And from the control unit you can see who's calling on the video door entry system and monitor the other rooms in the house.
The climate you prefer
You can programme different climates in each area. These can be modified using the local thermostats when there is a change in your requirements. You can manage the whole system from remote with your mobile phone. And when you are away from home the control unit reduces consumption, lowering the temperature.

You always feel protected.
With By-me you can sleep peacefully, because you have eyes all over the house. The inside and the outside of the house are watched over by cameras: and you just have to look at the control unit to see what is happening. If there is an alarm, you can read a text message on your mobile phone.
Energy is a precious good.
With By-me, electric power consumption is always under control. Never again will you switch on too many appliances and cause a black-out. Or go out and leave the lights on. Or come home to find the house in darkness. In short: lots of problems avoided and lots of energy saved.


Supervision software for KNX systems

The Web Server KNX (01545) is a monitoring device for home & building automation systems based on the KNX standard. The configuration and use of the Web Server KNX (hereinafter referred to as Web Server) take place entirely through web pages, through a common browser (refer to the list of compatible browsers) from any type of device or operating system. Vimar makes apps available for Apple iOS and Google Android operating system-based mobile devices (see the Vimar's website for more information).

Well-contact Plus (KNX)

Databank hardware devices, updates, touch screen configurator
KNX Databank hardware devices, updates the WCS, touch screen configurator Well-Plus and contact request form with the WCS management interface activation.