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Eikon Exé: Flat and Vintage

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From the essence of Eikon Exé cover plates two new types of control are born: Flat and Vintage, to lend interior design projects an even more distinctive exclusiveness and a bolder identity in accordance with the latest stylistic trends, which propose a come-back of traditional silhouettes and, at the same time, show a preference for linear shapes.

Vintage cover plates and controls

Vintage toggle switches embrace mesmerising lines of the past restyling them with a modern twist providing an exclusive, slightly retro style. Metal levers are available in different finishes: matt White, Anthracite Grey, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Dark Bronze and Gold and combined with the Eikon Exé cover plate in the same finish offer a matching style, sophisticated yet at the same time pure and linear. Cover plates can be customized with a precise logo and controls can be elegantly lasered with icons and pictograms to identify all diverse functions.


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