Discover Eikon, technology and design
for those who want to make the lighting device into a real element of interior design.
Elegance, excellence, value: there's no such thing as a single idea of luxury. It is a world of many interpretations that is constantly evolving. And if we're talking about energy, this world is Eikon. Here every idea of luxury finds its ideal expression: technological, chic, sophisticated, essential. Four product lines with different design, dimensions, finishing and functions, but sharing one common denominator: controlling energy superlatively.




Love at first touch: Touch the smooth bright surface of the glass and linger for a moment on the precious glow of the crystal finishing. A simple gesture, which this sophisticated touch technology transforms into direct energy control.
Sensitive to your presence: Eikon Tactil is home automation intelligence, it reads your mind: the proximity sensor on the home automation system controller brings it to life as soon as you come near the device, one step ahead of your movements. The controls light up, ready for your touch.
Preciously transparent: Unique purity, this surprisingly precious material: Eikon Tactil crystal is an unmistakeable signature that stands for sophistication blended with extraordinary strength. In four colour variants, to match any style. The backlit home automation controls can be customised with RGB LED lighting.


Impercetible in profile: An impeccable silhouette, lightly wafer-thin, protruding only millimetres from the wall thanks also to its axial controls. Seen in profile, Eikon Evo offers a subtly fascinating and impalpable presence, in tune with current interior design trends. An airy lighting device, with a fascinating suspended effect. The design of Eikon Evo in aluminium, wood and Corian® creates a subtle separation from any imperfections in the wall, producing a fascinating suspended effect that emphasises the finishes and premium materials.
Majestic geometries: Forms designed to make their mark, dimensions with a delicate presence on the walls: Eikon Evo flaunts a sophisticated and well-defined image that embodies the aesthetic principles of Vimar. A cover plate that gives prominence to the premium materials and finishes.
Original materials: Eight different approaches to being, living and expressing luxury. The Eikon Evo styles are inspired by the latest living trends, embodying and enhancing them in a unique and personal way with original combinations of materials, colours and finishes. So you can freely choose a decor style to suit your personality.


Recognisable at a glance: Beauty can be transmitted from a detail. Such as the chrome-plated, shiny and smooth Eikon Chrome frame that surrounds the buttons and controls. A distinctive feature that highlights a sophisticated look.
Perfect in two shapes: Austere symmetrical lines or smoothly rounded edges? Eikon Chrome responds to all needs with its Classic and Round designs. Two ways of being and appearing that have been matched with different finishes and materials that, just like clothes, perfectly fit your chosen shape.
Eclectic in materials: Its materials are multiplied by five, the colours expressing the most varied lifestyles with extraordinary precision: Eikon Chrome’s versatility never loses touch with impeccable formal elegance. All thanks to the chrome frame and an innate propensity for refinement.


Simple colours: Delicately luminous in white, elegantly refined in anthracite grey, technologically modern in Next silver: Eikon Total Look, with three different colours, expresses the beauty of the absolute. Buttons and devices are perfectly coordinated with the colour of the cover plates and the surrounding frames, exalting their monochrome style.
Dual forms: Two kinds of shape, dual personalities: Eikon Total Look Classic looks sharp, rigorous and linear while Eikon Total Look Round shows a softer, curvier and smoother side. To choose the design that best enhances your living style.
Unequivocal materials: Metal is both a functional and aesthetic choice, in a line where buttons and switch plates cohabit in perfect colour harmony. In white, anthracite grey and Next silver, brightness is a material too.
When ultimate aesthetic expression joins forces with avant-garde technical functionalities, the result is absolutely unsurpassable: the four Eikon lines not only embody an apex of contemporary formal elegance, they also personify and express truly advanced technology. Take the performance of the By-me home automation system: intuition and simplicity offering energetic efficiency, maximum control and absolute safety and security. The result? Total comfort, tailor-made for every individual vision of the ideal habitat.



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