Eikon Exé: the essence of material assumes a new shape

Introducing Eikon Exé.

Natural, prized materials, selected specifically to express an unmistakable textured effect that defines the identity and personality of every environment.

Eikon Exé is pure essence.

Essence of shape: pure and with slim profiles to emphasise the design. Squared corners and striking silhouettes give rise to a series that blends in seamlessly with any environment. Stylish details 100% made in Italy. But above all essence of material. Resulting from a meticulous selection process, the seven different materials are available in a generous 27 different top-quality finishes, which create a different, original soul each time. To offer an extensive variety of solutions suited to any environment.


Transparencies and games of light, with unique details that appear discretely. Their back-painted surface and flush-ground polished edges are available in three designs: the classic appeal of Milky White, the warmth of Hemp White, the timeless elegance of Satin Black.


A natural and live material, that is soft and sophisticated, and rendered unique by its slight imperfections. The leather used stands out for its tactile appeal. Three colours are available: Savannah with its natural look, the more matt and velvety Steppe, and the fine grained and sophisticated Black Forest.

Unique in its versatility, Eikon Exé also lends itself to countless stylistic interpretations. Cover plates with special materials and special-colour controls allow the most important products to be customised and rendered truly unique. To add value to the identity of accommodation facilities, the cover plates can feature a specific logo provided by the customer, while the buttons and controls can be stylishly laser-engraved with icons and pictograms, with customisable RGB backlighting to identify an array of different functions.

And with Eikon Exé, essential appeal becomes smart. The relationship which has always tied humans to their home is reinterpreted with simplicity and user-friendliness, to give rise to a smart building. Connected solutions with matching styling offer a total user experience marked by energy efficiency, comfort and safety. To accommodate the usage requirements of various countries, Eikon Exé also offers an extensive range of devices in the most common international standards, distinguished by modular versatility that allows the flexible combination of the various functions.


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