Elvox video door entry systems

Entrance panels, entryphone and video entryphones

Seeing what goes on outside the home, recognising those who ring our doorbell and communicating accurately are all crucial operations for living a quiet life. This is why we need access to advanced solutions based on innovative technology that can ensure the security and clarity we require by simultaneously combining user-friendliness with a system that is simple to install. Not to mention a sharp focus on the design and typical style of fine all-Italian production, which provides essential added value.

A solution for all kinds of requirements

Communicating simply, effectively and safely.

The entrance panels come in various sizes and can be installed in different ways but they all have one thing in common: the elegance and sophistication of a design in line with the most demanding architectural expectations.

The indoor video door entry system stations with speakerphone or handset, stand alone or integrated in the By-me automation system, feature exquisite, modern, delicate finishes and are thinner than traditional devices.

lovers of simplicity
Voxie entryphones
The TAB video entryphones
Tab 5S Up
Tab 7 and Tab 7S
5700 Series
6600 Series
Reception switchboard

IP technology

Its IP technology enables it to go beyond the limits of traditional video door entry systems. Performance is enhanced, and the audio and video signal quality is guaranteed and protected, whatever the size of the building complex. For efficient, high-performance communication, 24-7.

Vimar also offers a range of video door entry devices for use in contexts with a SIP server, which are compatible with the products of world VOIP telephony leaders.


1200 Series

One material, three colours and three finishes. To satisfy every style.

The panels in the 1200 series are made of AISI 316 stainless steel with 8/10 thickness and are available in the colours stainless steel with embossed surface, gold with PVD treatment and sandy grey paint with satin finish.

Door Entry & Security

1300 Series

Modern and hard-wearing.

Soft, modern design with non-scratch finish. The 1300 series, fitted with LED back lighting to make it easy to read even at night, is made of anodised and electro-polished aluminium and can be either built-in or wall-mounted.

Door Entry & Security

Patavium series

Fluid curves, beauty and elegance. The design of Patavium makes it the ideal choice for sophisticated environments as it adapts to suit all types of architectures, particularly historical buildings. In brass with an elegant satin finish, on request Patavium is also available in a polished version to enhance and endow every space with its very own personal form of expression.

The camera is equipped with manual vertical and horizontal tilt functions, producing a flawless video image, while the area to be filmed is illuminated with white LED light.

Door Entry & Security

Serie Steely

Steely flaunts a design that is trendy, linear and simple. It is the perfect solution for innovative environments complementing a comprehensive range of stylistic requirements, building types and functional needs. Steely by name, steel by nature. A simple, hard-wearing material that characterises the DNA of the entrance panel and complements its contemporary, modern and technological style.

Full duplex communication produces perfect sound quality. The internal and external volume, and the sound balance can be regulated to obtain an optimum conversation volume.


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